Cocolife's Premium Income Hits P5.8 B in 2015

Financial Highlights 

In 2015, Premium Income or income exclusively from business operations registered robustly positive growth compared to the previous year and the other years prior to it. There was a slight contraction in Net Income primarily due to the Investment income component and this in turn, came about because of the prevailing volatility in the stock market. Expenses were efficiently administered, with the yearend estimates below or well within the budgeted provisions. 

Table 1: 2015 Performance Versus Previous Year's Level
(P in Millions)20152014Growth Rate
Premium Income 5,827.78 5,015.87 16.2 %
Investment Income 1,074.63 1,115.71 - 3.7%
Net Income 505.28 526.38 - 4.0%


Table 2: Four-Year Historical Performance
Income Targets2015201420132012Compounded Annual GR
Premium Income 5,827.78 5,015.87 4,633.06 3,270.51 15.8%
Investment Income 1,074.63 1,115.71 1,024.00 1,010.03 12.2%
Net Income 505.28 526.38 454.03 329.93 19.9%

Marketing Initiatives

  1. Group Marketing - Industry-wide reputation for highly customized packages and prompt claims processing with personalized servicing has put Group Marketing Division as the perennial number one Group Insurance and Micro-insurance provider in the entire industry. Comparative figures have placed the gap of the second-running company at half its production level. It continued to close big accounts like Pag-Ibig, PR Savings Bank, PSSLAI, other large corporations as well as SMEs. It has also continually expanded the Migrant Workers Insurance Program, now in tandem with UCPB Gen. In 2015 GMD's Total Premium was P2.07 billion, which is a growth of 23% compared to the previous year.
  2. Healthcare - Despite the continuing price war and cutthroat competition in its industry, Cocolife Healthcare ended the year with a strong 12% growth in Total Premiums. It continued to reinforce its direct business unit and actively tapped the agency network as a distribution arm. The unit's main draws are still its reputation for prompt payment, highly customized plans and 24/7 servicing, delivered through one of the industry's largest service provider networks.
  3. Individual Marketing - In 2015, IMD started to gradually shift its focus to marketing Variable Life, resulting in a growth spurt of the VL product line (66%). Also instituted were training modules directed more distinctly at the needs of sales managers and agents. An activation program for new agents was likewise initiated and foreign travel contests and drives were launched to boost recruitment and sales activities. This resulted in a healthy growth of 17%.
  4. Alternative Distribution Channels - ADC is an umbrella group comprised of Promo Sales, Bancassurance and Mass Marketing. In 2015, the combined new business brought in by the team again breached the billion mark, at P1.4B, which is an 18% growth over the previous year. 
  • Promo Sales - Promo operations have been put up in 26 major malls sites nationwide, bringing in an average of P37M a month in new business.
  • DepEd Teachers Insurance and Loan Program - The DepEd market overseen by the Mass Marketing unit, currently generates an average of P11M in premiums monthly, apart from the loan business of more than P2.6B extended to over 31 thousand teachers.


Table 3: 2015 Total Premiums by SBU Versus Previous Year's Level
(P in Millions)20152014Growth Rate
Group Marketing 2,075.85 1,682.72 23.36%
Healthcare 1,682.23 1,463.93 14.91%
Individual Marketing 693.51 624.2 11.10%
Alt. Dist. Channels 1,324.19 1,152.79 14.87%

Other Initiatives

  1. Finance - Comprehensive market monitoring, continual streamlining of procedures and realignment of organizational groupings were the key initiatives in maximizing investment opportunities and improving accounts management.
  2. Other Programs - Major backroom activities continually reinforced were the ISO Quality Management System, Business Conservation Program, IT systems and telecommunications upgrading.

Social responsibility initiatives have also been pursued, such as the Colors of Life Students Art contest, various medical missions, Red Cross blood donation, aid to typhoon-devastated areas and scholarships sponsored through the UCPB group Foundation. A recent major undertaking was the school rebuilding project, under DepEd's Adopt a School Program, in Bicol and Leyte.


  • Cocolife 7th Colors of Life Students Visual Arts Competition

    Friday, July 28, 2017

    Cocolife 7th Colors of Life Students Visual Arts Competition

    Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, invites all young talented artists to join in the 7th Colors of Life Students Visual Arts Competition.


    This year's theme is "Love Life".


    Cocolife aspires to recognize love as a multidimentsional concept that cen be seen in different angles in life. It also aims to promote the awareness, idealsm qualities, and roles of embracing life with love.


    Participants are encouraged to interpret what they love the most about life through an artistic, fun, and creative manner of painting.


    Students have the creative freedom to choose the medium in which they wish to participate. Deadline for the submission of entries is on September 22, 2017.


    Click here to download the Cocolife 7th Colors of Life Poster (Mechanics).


    Click here to download the Cocolife 7th Colors of Life Entry Form (18 and above).


    Click here to download the Cocolife 7th Colors of Life Entry Form (Below 18).


    Click here to download the Cocolife 7th Colors of Life Proof of Entry.


    Entries may be submitted to any Cocolife Branches nationwide.


    Click here to view our branch directory.


    Click here to download our branch directory.


    Should you have other concerns, please feel free to contact any Marketing Planning Personnel at 812-9015, locals 160 and 259. Or email us at


    Like our Colors of Life Facebook page!

  • Cocolife  Releases Future Savings Claims Payment

    Wednesday, July 26, 2017

    Cocolife Releases Future Savings Claims Payment

    Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, fulfilled its abiding mission of providing comprehensive insurance protection to its valued clients as the Company released claims payment to the beneficiaries of a Cocolife Future Savings policyholder.


    Cocolife SM City Lipa branch recently released the claims benefits to the beneficiaries of the late Cherry Palmas, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer.  Ms. Palmas availed of a Cocolife Future Savings policy in 2013 as she wanted to secure a better future for her family. She is survived by her husband, Enrico and their four children.  Mr. Palmas shared that his wife is a believer in the importance of having a life insurance, thus, she availed of the Future Savings policy through one of Cocolife’s conveniently-located mall branches. Cocolife Future Savings is a special financial product that provides life insurance protection plus guaranteed cash bonuses.  With its optimum insurance protection, loved ones are spared from financial burden in the event of sudden loss.


    In 2016, Cocolife released over P2.3 Billion to its policyholders, a 25 percent increase over its P1.9 Billion claims payout in 2015.


    Cocolife Alternative Distribution Channel’s Senior Manager for Promo Sales Operation Edel Gregorio, Client Relations Manager Teresa Bose together with Agency Sales Director Guia Salvador personally turned over the claims benefit to Ms. Palmas’ husband, Enrico Palmas.


  • Cocolife Asset Managers joins inauguration of Cocolife Gateway Mall branch

    Wednesday, July 05, 2017

    Cocolife Asset Managers joins inauguration of Cocolife Gateway Mall branch

    In line with its commitment to provide quality financial solutions to more Filipinos nationwide, Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company recently inaugurated its newest agency office in Gateway Mall. As one of the leaders in the insurance industry, Cocolife brings its products and services closer to more people. The location gives both current clients and future clients faster, convenient, and more efficient servicing while giving technologically-advanced backroom support to its sales force. Cocolife President Elmo A. Nobleza headed the ceremony together with Chief Marketing Officer Senior Vice President Ferdinand N. Santos, Vice President Joseph Mark Y. Ronquillo, and Unit Sales Director Ryan Ysmael, and Cocolife Asset Managers Volleybelles Michelle Gumabao, Denden Lazaro, Wensh Tiu, Marge Tejada, Mika Esperanza, Carla Sandoval, Tin Francisco, Cherylain Dizon, Erika Alkuino, Jeanette Villareal, Angelica Cayuna, and Shannen Palec.