individual insurance


Anything can happen…whether you are just starting your career, raising your own family, sending your kids to school or even when entering into your retirement. Should something happen to you, what happens to your loved ones?

This will surely take a toll not just on their emotional, and physical well- being, but also on their finances. Surely, the least you can do is prepare for their financial security so they can feel your love and care even if you’re no longer around.

Flexi Retirement Prepare for your child’s
college education now

  • 15 years

    Payment Terms

  • 15 years

    Duration Coverage

  • 18 to 65 years old

    Age Requirement


FLEXI is a variable life insurance plan, payable in 5, 7, 10, and 20 years, that gives you the freedom to design your investment/insurance plan according to your needs. It provides you with options so you can have a plan that is tailor-fit to your goals in life.


In case you get sick or incapacitated, FLEXI will provide you with cash benefits to help you cope financially. No need to worry that you cannot withdraw your money. FLEXI allows you to withdraw anytime.


FLEXI provides you with enough funds to take care of you when you retire.