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Health is wealth. The best gift we can ever have is to have a healthy body that allows us to enjoy everything that life has to offer. With good health, we can fulfill our goals and live a full life.

Let us take good care of our health. Eat the right foods, have enough sleep, and get some exercise. To ensure that we are well-protected, we must start investing for our health.

Cocolife has several investment funds that offer high returns which you can allocate for future medical needs. Take good care of your health now and let Cocolife take care of you in the event of an emergency.

Zenith Med Health is wealth

  • Single-pay

    Payment Period

  • Until age 100

    Duration of Coverage

  • 1-70 years old

    Age Requirement


Cocolife Zenith Med is the only plan in the market that allows you access to high investment returns and exclusive access to the widest network of accredited hospitals of Cocolife Healthcare.


There is no premium charge, so you can accumulate funds faster for future medical needs.