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Group Life, Accident and Health Insurance Plan

A healthcare delivery system that provides convenient access to cashless medical treatment through a network of first-rate hospitals and clinics nationwide.

Product Features

Extensive program package​

Customizable and flexible coverage​

Access to a vast network of accredited service providers and facilities nationwide

Prompt and ready assistance with our 24-Hour Medical Helpline

Health Insured, health secured.

Our program requires a fixed premium (per enrollee) for a corresponding set of benefits. Upon availing, your coverage grants you flexibility and immediate healthcare and medical concerns to our accredited facilities within the country

Comprehensive HMO Program:

This extensive program package covers In-Patient Care, Outpatient Care, Emergency Services, Preventive Care, Annual Check-up, Dental Coverage, and Financial Assistance in case of accidental or natural death.

Unbundled Programs:

Clients can choose select components of the Comprehensive HMO Program that they deem to be suitable for their members.

In-Patient Only - This provides coverage for hospital admission due to illness or accident.

Outpatient Only - This provides coverage for outpatient consultations, laboratory tests, and treatment for cases that do not require hospital admission.

ER Coverage Only - This provides coverage for sudden and unexpected life threatening situations where urgent medical attention is necessary.

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