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How Kiefer Ravena is stepping up for Filipinos during the pandemic

Kiefer Ravena is stepping up for Filipinos during the pandemic

The arrival of 2020 was supposed to be a fresh start; a new year, a new decade, a new beginning for people. This includes Cocolife Brand Ambassador and Philippine basketball star Kiefer Ravena. After being able to return to basketball and being named captain of the Gilas Pilipinas national team, Kiefer, like most of us, looked forward to the new opportunities and starting anew.

However, all plans fell to the wayside in the wake and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns are imposed all over the world. And suddenly, everyone had to stay at home. No travel, no gatherings, no leisure and entertainment, and no sports. In one fell swoop, the world stopped.

The lockdown had become a deterrent for people in accomplishing the plans and goals they set out. Even worse is some have chalked up this year as lost.

For Kiefer however, this was an opportunity for him to show off his leadership off the court and embody the Cocolife core values of reliability, empathy, teamwork, integrity and excellence He found different ways to help and bring joy to less fortunate Filipinos suffering from the adverse effects of this pandemic. He reminded everyone he isn’t just a basketball player. He could also be an example of how to rise through challenges and be of service to the Filipino people.

It’s why throughout the imposed lockdown, Kiefer, along with his family and loved-ones have made sure frontliners and those hit hardest by the pandemic are taken care of and provided with their basic needs. He even teamed up in raising funds with his fellow athletes and other celebrities to further help his fellow countrymen during this trying time.

Kiefer knows we will be able to get through this adversity.

“Naniniwala ako na kaya natin malagpasan ito. Basta sama-sama at tulong-tulong tayo. Isang laban. Isang koponan dahil Pilipino tayo,” he added.

As an ambassador for Cocolife, he wants everyone to exemplify the biggest strength Filipinos have, the unwavering belief in ourselves. And the only way for this to happen is for the country to stay strong and united in the face of this hardship.

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