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Revolutionizing Connectivity: Cocolife’s “Just Ask Live” (JAL)


In the ever-evolving landscape of customer experience, Cocolife stands out as a trailblazer with its latest initiative, “Just Ask Live” or “JAL.” This groundbreaking endeavor is poised to reshape the dynamics of client interactions, offering an unmatched level of seamlessness and personalization for Cocolife’s policyholders.

Cocolife continues to champion the belief in the strength of Filipinos worldwide through “JAL,” a platform that transcends traditional boundaries. Through this innovative platform, individuals can address their insurance concerns with the dedicated Customer Experience Department via simple chat message and video chat. The team stands ready to provide swift responses, seamless documentation, and engage in real-time interactions with clients, positioning Cocolife at the forefront of the insurance industry’s technological landscape.

Ms. Ana-Liza C. Gonzalves —Head, Customer Experience-Customer Care Center and   
 Ms. Teresa Bose — AVP and Head, Customer Experience Department

“JAL was created, to continuously let customers have a great customer journey virtually. JAL gives them personalized service and omnichannel customer experience. Providing video chat service is an essential step in creating seamless experience customers is looking for, that results in customer satisfaction.” Ms. Teresa R. Bose, AVP and Head of CX Department stated. According to Ms. Bose, with JAL, customers are given the trust and confidence that they are transacting with legitimate COCOLIFE Customer Experience Representatives, especially now that there are a lot of unscrupulous entities conducting fraudulent transactions. Customers are usually more satisfied when they can see a customer experience representative face-to-face.

JAL is the first chat platform in the country that has both audio and video capability, making its benefits multifaceted. From maximum convenience to a competitive edge, the platform strives to establish stronger customer relationships and expedite issue resolutions through its video chat feature. This pioneering approach not only enhances the customer experience but also fosters genuine rapport and emotional connections in the virtual realm. The system’s highlights include the ability to assess client conditions immediately and accommodate inquiries from clients, even from abroad. Cocolife’s commitment to its clientele knows no boundaries, reinforcing its role as a reliable partner for stakeholders globally.

 JAL’s objectives include providing a dynamic, immersive communication channel that enables face-to-face interactions between customers and customer experience representatives, which helps in making the transactions become more efficient and productive. It also aims to develop a more personalized interaction with customers that establishes rapport and better understanding that enhances customer satisfaction, resolve issues or concerns promptly, effectively, and reliably. JAL also exists to optimize CX representatives’ performance and deliver exceptional customer experience through personalized service.

“Navigating the user interface of “JAL” is a straightforward process”,  according to Ms Gonzalves.. “Clients simply input their name, contact number, and message, then click the “start chat” button to initiate interaction. The webchat procedures ensure optimal performance, requiring Google Chrome as the preferred browser and a minimum internet speed of 5 MBPS for a smooth experience. The platform’s adaptability extends to tablets and phones, with a simple rotation optimizing the device’s orientation”, she adds.

Initiating a video call is made effortless through the ‘request video call’ button, providing clients with the option to enhance their engagement. Furthermore, the ability to attach files in various formats, such as PDF, and JPEG, adds an extra layer of convenience. Clients can share one file per message, ensuring a streamlined exchange of information.

When asked about the best word to describe JAL, Ms Bose  answered ‘live’. “JAL is a technology that enables users to engage in a real-time conversation through the Internet live! It can easily connect the customer and CX representative’s real time. It is a video chat that combines the power of visual and audio communication to create a more reliable interactive experience in real time”, she adds.

In embracing ‘Just Ask Live,’ Cocolife not only champions the belief in the strength and resilience of Filipinos but also commits to extending its services to untapped markets, aiming to secure more lives and provide service excellence with just a click. This revolutionary journey brings innovation and personalized service, creating a unique avenue for clients to connect with their insurance provider like never before. As ‘JAL’ becomes synonymous with an exceptional insurance experience, Cocolife reaffirms its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of its valued policyholders.


“Our customer experience representatives are willing and ready to assist and give you the highest standards osf service execellence” affirms Cocolife President and CEO Atty Martin Loon. As the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company and the first ISO-certified Filipino life insurance company, Cocolife’s newest technology, JAL, reflects its commitment to providing unparalleled support and ensuring every interaction exceeds customers’ expectations, making each individual’s journey with the company truly exceptional.

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Founded on March 20, 1978, Cocolife has since become the country’s number one Filipino-owned stock life insurance company. It has also made its mark in the industry by carving an unimpeachable position as the number one Group Insurance Provider.

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