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Back to Back Valentines Celebration: Three Tales of Love


In the magical year of the Wood Dragon, love unfurls its wings once again at COCOLIFE where the spirit of Valentine’s Day takes on three unique and heartwarming forms.

Policy Administration’s Love Affair with Clients

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for spreading joy, we transformed this space into a sanctuary of delight where we welcomed clients with open arms and filled their hearts with appreciation. For our clients, this is a day to remember, the enduring power of love in all its forms.

Operations Celebrate the Power of Connection

Meanwhile, in the heart of our Operations, a different kind of love blossoms – the love we share. Emphasizing the value of connection and camaraderie, Operations opened a Love Booth where employees can bond over friendship and camaraderie. Laughter fills the air as colleagues come together and unite by the joy of exchanging gifts and meaningful connections.

COCOLIFE’s Spreading Love to ALL

This day won’t end without the activities spearheaded by Human Resources. Throughout COCOLIFE, we treated our employees with ice cream and have set up a photobooth to capture memories. This Valentine’s Day celebration is a testament to the strength of our bonds and the power of love to unite us all.

About Cocolife

Founded on March 20, 1978, Cocolife has since become the country’s number one Filipino-owned stock life insurance company. It has also made its mark in the industry by carving an unimpeachable position as the number one Group Insurance Provider.

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