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From Cocolife to ASPLI Presidency: Celebrating Wheng’s Journey of Leadership and Excellence


At Cocolife, we take immense pride in celebrating the achievements both within and beyond our organizational walls. Today, we are thrilled to share the inspiring journey of Ms. Ma Rowena “Wheng” R. Enojo. Ms. Wheng is our System and Project Management Head under Operations who has recently been elected President of the Association of Service Professionals in Life Insurance (ASPLI) for the term 2024-2025.

ASPLI, founded in 1999, is an association of service professionals in Life Insurance. ASPLI is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in customer service. This organization has been at the forefront of advancing the standards in the life insurance industry. It also advocates continuous improvement, and professional development among its members.

Professional Excellence and Leadership in COCOLIFE

Wheng has been an integral part of the Cocolife, and Her leadership has been marked by innovation and proactive approach, significantly contributing to our operational successes. Her ability to inspire her colleagues and friends with her positivity and dedication has made her a beloved figure within our organization.

Wheng embodies the values we hold dear at COCOLIFE. Her leadership style is not just about achieving goals but doing so with integrity and compassion. This has been a guiding principle in her interactions and decision-making processes, earning her respect and admiration.

Wheng’s Multifaceted Journey

Beyond her contributions to Cocolife, Wheng’s involvement with ASPLI since 2004 has been characterized by her contributions that have propelled the organization forward. From serving as the PRO and Marketing Head to her impactful tenure as Vice President and Convention Head, Wheng’s journey within ASPLI mirrors the qualities she brings to COCOLIFE – innovation, leadership, and deep commitment to the community.

Her academic achievements are as diverse as they are impressive. With a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, majoring in Computer Science and Information Technology, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her new role. Currently a graduating student with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Wheng underlines her commitment to lifelong learners and her diverse skill sets, continually seeking to broaden her expertise and apply it for the benefit of society.

A Heart for Community Service

Wheng is also active in various community service initiatives showing the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those in need, serving beyond herself. This aspect of her personality enriches her leadership and aligns with Cocolife’s values of corporate social responsibility.

Her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities with grace and effectiveness is truly magnificent.

Gratitude and Support from COCOLIFE

As we celebrate Wheng’s new role as President of ASPLI, we also extend our heartfelt gratitude for the support she has received from the Management, especially to our President and her immediate Boss, the Operations Head. Their encouragement has enabled Wheng to balance her extensive responsibilities and achieve her goals.

Looking forward

Wheng’s election as ASPLI’s President is a source of great pride for the entire COCOLIFE. Her journey is a shining example of how dedication, integrity, and a positive outlook can lead to excellent achievements. As she embarks on this new chapter, we stand in support of Wheng, confident that she will continue to inspire, lead, and make a significant impact both within ASPLI and in the broader community. Congratulations, Wheng, on your well-deserved success. Your Cocolife family is cheering for you every step of the way!

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Founded on March 20, 1978, Cocolife has since become the country’s number one Filipino-owned stock life insurance company. It has also made its mark in the industry by carving an unimpeachable position as the number one Group Insurance Provider.

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