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4 Key Financial Planning Steps you Need for Optimal Emergency Preparedness


2020 proves to be a historic year characterized not only by the COVID-19 pandemic but also the number of natural disasters that befell the country. This year saw the nation weathering a volcanic eruption, intense typhoons and flooding, and unpredictable earthquakes. Experts from humanitarian organization Red Cross advocate for “financial mitigation as an essential part of disaster planning and recovery.” 

Now is the time to be fully prepared for unexpected emergencies that might come our way.

Create your family's disaster plan

Create your family’s disaster plan

Communicate with household members to establish a plan. Set up an emergency supplies kit enough to meet your family’s needs for at least three days and up to two weeks. Identify emergencies most likely to happen in your area and the hazards in your home. Finally, discuss your evacuation and communication plan.

Protect your home

Protect your home

Have a household inventory so you would have a record of your assets and possessions. Most importantly, reduce the damage to your property by getting covered with homeowners or renters insurance.

Secure your health and life

Be proactive and prepare against unforeseen circumstances you might face. Make sure you’re sufficiently covered with health, accident, and life insurance.

Cocolife offers up to Php 1 million Accident Insurance coverage for a year for an affordable Php 2,000 premium. Safeguard the future of your loved ones as you get insured from accidental death, accidental disablement or loss of use, and burial benefit due to any cause. 

You can also help your loved ones cope in times of crisis with Flexi Protection, a customizable plan designed uniquely for your needs. With this financial product, you can grow your savings with investments in blue-chip stocks and high-grade bonds. 

You can also opt for Money Accumulator, which provides insurance coverage plus stable returns on your investments due to the higher fixed interest rate of the Guaranteed Fund. This ensures capital growth and protection through a guaranteed interest rate that is higher than ordinary savings products.

Plan your estate

Plan your estate

Consider estate planning with your trusted Cocolife Financial Advisor so you can protect the people you will leave behind. Aside from writing a will, another estate planning tool you can use is life insurance as it is one of the best tools for liquidity.

Cocolife’s Zenith is a single-pay variable life insurance product that gives you high investment returns with zero premium charge. This wealth-building instrument can ensure that your loved ones will be fully protected even when you pass on.

As we pave the road to recovery, let us take this time to assess our disaster preparedness, starting with a reliable financial plan. 

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Sources: American Red Cross and the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), Telangana Today

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