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Kiefer Ravena wants you to secure the future and be ready for opportunities


As the pandemic hit and persisted in the country, one of the biggest worries along with keeping Filipinos healthy was helping them avoid the adverse effects the continued lockdown was causing the economy.

PBA superstar and Cocolife brand ambassador Ravena saw it as an opportunity to use his position to serve as an inspiration for people to take the necessary steps in achieving their goals and creating a stable future for the family by preparing for long-term security.

Ravena emphasizes the importance of keeping plans for the future secure despite emergencies. He advises people to prioritize setting up an emergency fund to have something to fall back on in case of unforeseen problems.

One of the key tips Kiefer shares is to start early. He hopes young adults and millennials will start making small, smart, and secure investments  consistently.

Kiefer believes starting early allows people to learn the best course of action for the future and helps them prioritize their goals. He believes starting early allows people to get bigger opportunities and even start fulfilling their life goals faster.

Kiefer is also keen on people to be financially literate by researching and studying as much as they can regarding business and finance through resources available online. For him, it is a great way for young people to expand their horizons and learn. He notes the abundance of webinars and podcasts that people can check out will help them find more people they can learn from.

Learning from the past experiences of other can give you an advantage in dealing with   finances/investments.. He also encourages us to seek help from other people; It can be your parents, relatives, or experts   who have knowledge in this field.

Kiefer, however, knows financial security isn’t enough for those wanting a stable and secure future. He constantly reminds young people that if they are going to reap those investments in the future, they will need to stay healthy and active.

“Health is just as important as your assets/money,” he emphasized.  Kiefer preaches prioritizing both the physical and mental well-being even if people cannot leave their homes. He worries people have adopted a sedentary lifestyle while staying at home so he encourages people to stay active and have a balanced diet.

He also reminds people to stay connected and have conversations with their family and friends even if it’s difficult to be physically present or see each other because it will be a big boost to one‘s mental health. Something Ravena notes is oft-forgotten when it comes to staying healthy.

Ravena acknowledges his advice might make people feel pressured to immediately try investing and securing their future. But he has a simple message for those unsure of how to move forward, patience, something he’s still hard at work mastering.

He believes the norm won’t be back for a while so he’s encouraging everyone to “slow down and take your time” because right now is the “perfect time to reflect and think what you really want in life.”  

But Ravena also wants people to stay ready for opportunities especially with everyone having so much time in their hands. He feels the best time for people to take action and do what they can to reach their goals is right now.

Kiefer knows the onset of the pandemic caused a lot of life and future plans to be disrupted put on hold and those things everyone took for granted are now suddenly gone. It’s why his biggest reminder for people is to appreciate the little things like family and having a constant support system.

He sees it as a vital part of staying grounded and strong during these unsure times. He wants people to take notice and cherish the blessings and resources they’re lucky to have.

As for the future, Ravena hopes to still be playing basketball and stay part of the Cocolife family to be able to keep serving as an inspiration for young people to help them invest and secure their own futures.

He hopes millennials and young adults take initiative and start early in investing into funds and policies with long-term security such as those offered by firms like Cocolife as soon as they can so they’ll have stability to be able to chase their dreams without worrying about their financial security.

Atty. Jose Martin A. Loon, president and chief executive officer of Cocolife, is proud of Mr. Ravena’s goal-oriented attitude. “Our brand ambassador, basketball pro Kiefer Ravena, has always been focused on his goals — on the court and as a young man. He tells us that he earnestly believes in the importance of investing in one’s health, education, savings, and retirement. Despite his status, Kiefer’s dreams are the same as yours and ours.”

You can start setting up you and your family’s future by checking out, learning, and investing in Cocolife’s family of products to find out what exactly you need to achieve your goals:

Read the full feature here.

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